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Like every other family, we have demanding careers and children with extra-curricular activities. For the past 14 years, our family has lived on baseball and softball fields. From long hard practices, all day and night games to the hustle home to complete homework, bathe and make the deadline for bedtime. During all of this chaos, we cannot forget the number one question of the day, “Mommy, what are we eating for dinner!? I am STARVING!”

Let’s face it, most people have leftover vegetables or other sides after preparing dinner for themselves or their families, but nine times out of ten, the meat is gone. This always happens at the BONE household. When you think of something other than fast food that will stick to their empty stomachs that you can grab on the go, one often thinks of “Chicken”. But often, nobody eats all the pieces that are given to you from the restaurant chains. Everybody is fighting to get their choice piece, and with a family of five, somebody is often disappointed. Even after purchasing a family size meal, there is still not enough to quench the hunger pains and you have spent your allotted food budget for the week on one meal.

Chicken-w-Bones and the “Pack It To The Max” concept was birthed after one night of “hunger pains” and disdain of other restaurant chains from my husband, Tim Bone. He loves chicken. He would like for me to cook chicken every day. Fried Chicken, Baked Chicken, Barbecue Chicken, Broiled Chicken…just CHICKEN!! He is not interested in vegetables. Out of Tim’s love for chicken, providing an economical value for the community and choosing one’s own pieces of chicken to put into a bucket, the Chicken-w-Bones brand was born. The idea to allow people to come to a carry out/catering restaurant, choose the bucket size that fits their needs, pay for it, put on a glove, and pack their bucket anyway they like as long as the lid closes was the ultimate way to build our own personal franchising brand and increase small minority business ownership in our community. Our mission is to provide fresh great tasting quality products for an economical price allowing the consumer to choose his/her choice pieces as long as the lid closes. Chicken-w-Bones, Cluck, and the “Pack It To The Max” concept are now ready for the world. 

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If you have questions or need assistance regarding catering availability or franchising opportunities – please use our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.  For general customer service assistance you may use the contact form, call (423) 305-0742, or simply stop by the store.

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