Fresh, Hot & Juicy

We use only 100% fresh, natural chicken that is never frozen. Our hand-breaded fried chicken is moist and juicy on the inside, golden and crispy on the outside, while our baked chicken is marinated and seasoned to perfection. We also offer our BBQ chicken on Monday and Tuesday. Our potato wedges are hand cut, hand battered and fried crispy. In addition, we offer deep fried and oven baked yeast rolls, each glazed with a hint of sweetness. Choose from five bucket sizes and “Pack it to the Max” with any combination of chicken and fixins you choose!

Choose a bucket size and fill it with your choice!

“Pack it to the MAX!”

Menu Pricing

Snack Pack
Small Bucket
Medium Bucket
Large Bucket
Extra Large Bucket

Menu Items

•Baked Chicken   •Fried Chicken   •BBQ Chicken (Mon & Tues Only)   •Deep Fried Potato Wedges   •Baked & Deep Fried Rolls

"Best in Chattanooga! Great chicken, rolls, and potato wedges—pack the bucket full with what you want. Perfect health inspection score, awesome!"

M. Saxon

Voted 5 Stars!

"I really like the chicken and the service! Any place that can pull off getting health ratings of 99s or 100s is getting my business. The staff was very friendly too."

D. Benibo

Voted 5 Stars!

"Tried the BBQ Chicken - Awesome, real BBQ taste IN the chicken, not just on it!!!! Great place! So glad I finally found somewhere in Chattanooga."

T. Gunter

Voted 5 Stars!

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